Self – Assessment Techniques

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Welcome to Module one: Self-assessment

This is the first of three online learning modules designed to provide rural and remote psychiatrists with an interactive learning experience to both learn about and practice self-care.

Each module contains information, activities and resources to assist you to look after yourself-physically, mentally and emotionally. You will be able to, and in fact it is recommended that you print out your responses to all the activities.

These modules have been funded by the Australian Government and reflect the experience in Australia; however they may also be useful for psychiatrists or trainees working in metropolitan Australia or those working in New Zealand.

Each module should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. However, as these are self –paced modules, you can take your time. You may find it useful to take a break in between modules. This might include having lunch, taking a walk or simply completing some relaxation techniques at or away from your desk. If you would like some inspiration, you can access a Relaxation tip sheet from the Resources section of each module.

Disclaimer: All answers provided are completely confidential and will not be recorded in any way.

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