Project Evaluation Toolkit

The RHCE Stream One program has ended. To apply for Individual Specialist CPD Grants, check out the Support for Rural Specialists in Australia (SRSA) program.

The RHCE Project Evaluation Toolkit has been developed specifically for the use of staff of Australian Specialist Medical Colleges who are implementing projects funded by the RHCE Stream One Program. It is structured to provide broad evaluation knowledge up front, before providing suggestions on how to evaluate the short, medium and long-term objectives of RHCE projects.

The document is an interactive PDF and has been designed to be as practical as possible.  Some of the tools and templates are also provided as Word or Excel documents.

RHCE Project Evaluation Toolkit contains the complete toolkit with all tools and templates.

Tool 3 Progress and final report template  ( Word doc )

Tool 4 Participant registration template     ( Excel sheet )

Tool 5 Project survey examples                 ( Word doc )

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