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Safer Australian Surgical Teamwork

Course Overview

Research shows that a breakdown in non-technical skills (NTS) frequently contributes to adverse outcomes. The training offered in the SAST workshops addressed these breakdowns, and thereby improved safety in the operating theatre and patient outcomes.

This project brought together surgeons, anaesthetists and scrub practitioners for eight one day workshops between 2014 and 2015. These were collaborative, cross-disciplined  workshops, improving situational awareness, decision making, leadership, task management, communication skills and teamwork. They utilised three behavioural marker frameworks – Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTSS), Anaesthetists’ Non-Technical Skills (ANTS) and Scrub Practitioners’ List of Intra-operative Non-Technical Skills (SPLINTS) developed by The University of Aberdeen, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the National Health Service.

The below videos were used during these workshops. They were produced by RACS in conjunction with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA), the Australian College of Nursing (ACN), and the Australian College of Operating Room Nurses (ACORN). Read more.

Smoking Cessation

Course Overview

The cases represented in this module introduce you to the complexities involved in helping some smokers quit in today’s strong anti-smoking environment where there are inevitably “hard-core smokers” who smoke despite their own medical circumstances and continue to smoke when it is evidently not in their best interest.  Each of the five cases are typical of the type of smokers who might present to a medical service or to a smokers’ clinic. Though based on evidence, there is less of a “one-size-fits all” approach in this module and interventions are tailored to the individual. As you progress through the cases you will notice that each individual has their own strategy devised for them.

Format: There are five cases in this module, each addressing a different complexity in relation to smoking cessation. Each case consists of statistics, expert feedback, multiple-choice, true/false and short answer questions to assist with your learning.

Read more.

Acute Neurotrauma in a Rural Setting

Course Overview

Workshops focusing on training in burr-hole surgery for head trauma emergencies have been offered over the course of three years by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Each workshop provided the foundation for improved acute head injury management facilitated by two neurosurgeons.

This course complements the workshop and assists future and past participants in the maintenance of their knowledge and skills. The content was based on the information contained in the booklet ‘The Management of Acute Neurotrauma in Rural and Remote Locations’ produced by the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia. Read more.

Health Management in Rural Settings

Course Overview

The Rural Outcomes Measurement Enhancement Project produced a series of modules on the topic of Health Management in Rural Settings. These topics focus on areas of Indigenous health, geriatric health and sepsis management.

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The Critically Obstructed Airway Course

Course Overview

The Critically Obstructed Airway is an important clinical problem that requires immediate management. This resource provides facilitators with everything they need to run the workshop series Managing the Critically Obstructed Airway. Specialists including but not limited to anaesthesiologists, emergency medicine practitioners and physicians interested in delivering workshops on the important clinical issue of the critically obstructed airway should utilise this resource. Read more.

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